“AANCHAL CHHAYA”, The Orphanage

It was a life-changing day for me when I visited “AANCHAL CHHAYA” for the first time. I with my few friends celebrated one of my friend’s birthday among those small children. Everyone was in a jolly mood by the moment my eyes struck a little boy named Bhima. Instead of enjoying, he stood alone in one corner and didn’t react to anything. As soon as he saw me approaching, he ran to his dorm and laid in his bed watching the ceiling of the hall. I was shocked and a bit enthusiastic to know about him. Something happened that we forgot the reason of our visit and each one of us got tears filled in our eyes. After staying a whole day with Bhima, whe he came out to drop us on the gate, the care-taker of the Orphanage patted on my back and said in a surprised tone, “….ye kaise kiya?”. He continued, “Jis ladke ko kabhi muskuraate hue ni dekha, jo theek se bolna bhi ni seekha hai 12 saal ka hone ke baawajood, usse thodi hi der me itna ghul mil gye k wo baaki baccho ke saath khelne laga”. I gave a look towards Bhima, when he saw me talking to Baba, he went to play with other children. He was in the center, surrounded by a few others, jumping and popping a football. I didn’t reply to Baba, just gave him a small smile with tears in my eyes.

I decided not to let any child bear it and hence started working for them.


A few memoirs of AANCHAL CHHAYA. (first three pics are of Bhima with one of my friend)



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